Enabling Legislations

​​​​Immigration Act
The Immigration Act regulates the entry and stay of non-citizens in Mauritius.
Immigration (Permits) (Prescribed Fees, Guarantees and Application Form) Regulations 2011
​​​​​​Civil Status Act
​​​​The Civil Status Act deals with the procedures relating to the registration of birth, death,
marriages and any amendments brought to the Civil Status of persons in Mauritius.​​​​​​
Mauritius Citizenship Act
​​​​The Mauritius Citizenship Act regulates the eligibility and procedures for the acquisition and loss of Mauritian citizenship.​
The Non-Citizens Property Restriction Act deals with the following:
   (1) The purchase, acquisition or holding of property by non-citizens
   (2) Disposal of property by non-citizens
   (3) Consequences of contravention
   (4) Validation of transactions​​​​​​
Passport Act
​​​​The Passport Act deals with the procedures for the issue of passports to Mauritian Citizens.
Passports Regulations (consolidated version).​​​​​​
  The Act lays down the procedure to be followed for the deportation of non-citizens.