​Business Opportunities


Mauritius is a well-established business destination for investors seeking a secure investment climate, a conducive business environment, political stability, transparent regulations, high value-addition and an efficient financial ecosystem.  Mauritius is actively attracting foreign investors to explore its thriving business environment and has over the years implemented effective strategies to diversify its economy.  The below sectors offer a number of excellent business opportunities and can be consulted on the website of the Economic Development Board

  •   Agro-Industry
  •   Creative Industry
  •   Education
  •   Financial Services
  •   Healthcare
  •   ICT
  •   Life Sciences
  •   Logistics
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Real Estate and Hospitality
  • ​  Ocean Economy​

Moreover, the Government has implemented several reforms to facilitate starting a business in Mauritius.  The Corporate and Business Registration Department​ is a one-stop shop for the incorpora​tion of companies, registration of businesses  and payment of trade fees.  A person can therefore incorporate/ register a company within 2h online and start operations immediately if it ​is not a regulated activity.  More information on starting and operating a business in Mauritius is available on the website of the Econom​ic Development Board​